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小米5s Plus (Natrium) Lineageos 提示的20180606更新log文件看到了很多更新细节.

回来看代码库commits发现如下图之细节,很是不解: 为何13天以前提交的更新会在6月4日显示为Commits. 随后打开页面察看细节.

通过几天的思考和寻找,终于在Gerrit找到了答案,bgcngm在6月4日提交了Jaegeuk Kim在很久之前更改的代码。至于如何作这种提交操作,还不是很清楚。

通过了解页面上的关键字 FROMLISTCherry-picked, 了解到此次变更一定是从另一个库调用过来的.

在Torvalds Linux主库上没有找到此变更,随后通过搜索f2fs: early updates queued for v4.18-rc1 在googlesource上找到了此变更.



Android kernel Goldfish

The Android emulator runs a virtual CPU that Google calls Goldfish.
Goldfish executes ARM926T instructions and has hooks for input and
output — such as reading key presses from or displaying video output
in the emulator. These interfaces are implemented in files specific to
the Goldfish emulator and will not be compiled into a kernel that runs
on real devices.

From: Google Group